10 Best Cold Press Juicers in India for Maximum Nutrition and Juice Yield

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Everybody wants a healthy body. A cold press juicer comes as a perfectly healthy option for having freshly made juice in the comfort of your home. Eating nutritious food and consuming fresh fruit & vegetable juice give your health a boost and provide you with the necessary nutrients.

Having a cold press juicer at home gives you the liberty to choose materials per your liking and then make the juice. Consuming Juice gives you something extra apart from eating healthy food.

Fruit and vegetable juice bring nutrition to your plate, and the body receives sufficient energy to keep up with a hectic day. Plus, you can cultivate a habit of having juice as a part of your breakfast and snack time.

No one wants to compromise on the health aspect. You can either have fruit juice or make vegetable juice to cleanse your body from the toxins and improve digestion. Whichever juice you make, you are only getting the gift of better health and fresh produce at your home with this unique Kitchen Appliance.

If you are looking for the Best Cold Press Juicer in India but do not know where to begin, you have reached the right place. Our comprehensive Cold Press Juicer Buying Guide will help you with the complete know-how on what to look for when buying the best cold press juicer.

Top 10 Cold Press Juicers in India

We have prepared a list of Top 10 Cold Press Juicers in India and have shared our Reviews for you to consider. We are confident that you will be able to select the most suitable Cold Press Juicer machine for your needs and budget.

  1. Kuvings Professional Cold Press Juicer – Read Review | Buy Now on Amazon
  2. AGARO Imperial Cold Press Juicer – Read Review | Buy Now on Amazon
  3. Kuvings EVO-Series Professional Cold Press Juicer – Read Review | Buy Now on Amazon
  4. Hurom HP Series Cold Press Juicer – Read Review | Buy Now on Amazon
  5. Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer – Read Review | Buy Now on Amazon
  6. Balzano Cold Press Juicer – Read Review | Buy Now on Amazon
  7. IKICH Cold Press Juicer – Read Review | Buy Now on Amazon
  8. Bosch Lifestyle Cold Press Juicer – Read Review | Buy Now on Amazon
  9. Usha Nutripress Cold Press Juicer – Read Review | Buy Now on Amazon
  10. Borosil Health Pro Cold Press Juicer – Read Review | Buy Now on Amazon

Now, before we share the details and reviews about these Juicers, let us first understand more about them in the Cold Press Juicer Buying Guide so that you can select the right juicer for your kitchen.

Cold Press Juicer Buying Guide

What is a Cold Press Juicer?

The Cold Press Juicer or the Masticating Juicers is a juicer that extracts the most nutrients out of the fruits and vegetables. The juicer works in a two-step process. First, it crushes all the fruits and then keeps on pressing the fruits & vegetables until there is nothing left to take out from it. Unlike the other juicers, a cold press juicer doesn’t generate heat while making the juice. The reason being is that it runs at a low speed. That is why they are called a ‘cold press’ juicer.

How does a Cold Press Juicer Works?

A cold press juicer has a pipe-like structure to let the fruits and vegetables in it. The inside of the fruit juicer consists of the Auger, a cork-like device that gently squeezes the juice from the fresh produce at a slow speed. The machine then collects the fresh juice and the pulp in a different compartment. The final product is the nutrient-rich produce ready for consumption.

What are the Advantages of having a Cold Press Juicer?

Fresh Taste & Superb Quality

Since the juicer hardly destroys the nutrients present in the fresh fruit and vegetables, your juice has a fresh taste. Also, there are no preservatives as you consume the cold press juice right away, giving you the best juice quality.

Higher Nutritional Value

Other juicers, like the centrifugal juicer, run at high speed and generate heat. It destroys the vitamins present in the fruits and vegetables. However, cold press juicer runs at low speed, which results in low or no heat. As a result, the vitamins and minerals of the fruits and vegetables are kept intact.

Quantity of Juice is More

When you produce juice at home, you can control the amount and the type of juice you want to make. A masticating juicer lets you extract more from the quantity available as it squeezes out a significant amount of fruit juice from the produce used.

Good Consistency

Since the cold press fruit juicer takes out everything from the fruits and vegetables, you get the pulp and fiber in abundance. More fruit & vegetable pulp and fiber give the juice a thick consistency. You can adjust your juice according to your preferences. Most people enjoy the fiber and pulp in their juice. But if you don’t like thick consistency, you can always add a bit of water to it.

Low Noise

As mentioned earlier, the cold press machine runs at a low speed. The sound produced while using this fruit & vegetable juicer is comparatively low than the other juicers available in the market. This attribute makes a cold press machine or a masticating juicer an ideal option for home.

No Oxidation

Since the fruits and vegetables are less exposed to air, there is no oxidation. The fruit or vegetable juice can get stored in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Blockage-free operation

There is a possibility that different types of cold press juicers come with a reverse action motor to clear out any blockages in the machine.

What Types of Cold Press Juicers are available?

You can categorize Cold Press Juicer into two types- Horizontal Cold Press Juicer and Vertical Cold Press Juicer.

Vertical Cold Press Juicer

A vertical cold press machine is the most commonly used juicer in households and also for commercial use. Vertical Cold Press juicer has a long pipe through which the fruits and vegetables get inside the juicer and a cap that helps in mixing juices. This type of juicer is compact and has a self-cleaning function to ensure ease of cleaning operation.

Horizontal Cold Press Juicer

A horizontal cold press machine is an ideal option as a vegetable juicer. These are heavy-duty and often come with additional attachments that let you carry out tasks other than juicing. You can perform actions like mincing, making pasta, noodles, etc.

Other Types of Juicer Available in the Market

Apart from the cold press juicer, there are two more types of juicer available in the market- Centrifugal Juicer and Twin Gear juicer.

Centrifugal Juicer

This type of juicer works on the principle of centrifugal force. A centrifugal Juicer or a High-Speed Juicer creates the juice by rotating the metal blade at high speed.

As a result, the fruits and vegetables get shredded and become a juice with 30% solid components like seeds, skin, and stem.

Centrifugal Juicers are cheap and compact. However, the nutritional value is low as the heat destroys most nutrients in the fruits and vegetables.

Twin Gear Juicer

A Twin Gear fruit juicer consists of two augers to extract the juice. These types of fruit and vegetable juicers are capable of extracting more nutrients.

However, a twin gear juicer is pretty expensive to keep in the household. Also, they are slower, hard to clean, and take up more space.

Points to Consider while Buying a Cold Press Juicer

Before purchasing a Cold Press Juicer, Make sure that it consists of basic requirements and has the essential qualities to suit your daily juicing needs. Consider the following points while purchasing a Cold Press Juicer machine or a masticating juicer:

Design and Ease of Use

Choose a cold press juicer that is easy to use and has the most convenient design. Look if the juicer has a wide pipe for inserting fruits and vegetables. Check the compactness of the cold press machine and make sure it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Quality of the Built Material

Before buying, make sure that the cold press juicer has a better build quality that does not harm people. Choose build materials made of plastic that is toxin-free. Cold Press Juicer made of a stainless steel frame is an ideal choice as it is rust-free and durable.

Pulp Ejection

Make sure that you check what kind of pulp ejection system your cold press vegetable juicer has. An external pulp collector lets you discard waste without stopping the machine. Choose an internal or external pulp ejection system according to your needs.

The Motor of Cold Press Juicer

Determine how much usage time you need for your Cold Press Juicer. Choose a heavy motor if you will be using the masticating juicer for a long time and extracting the juice of leafy vegetables.

Noise Level

Noise can be irritating when you run a vegetable and fruit juicer for a long time. Therefore, make sure that the juicer you choose produces low noise. Typically, a cold press juicer makes less noise than a centrifugal juicer, making it an ideal choice for home juicers.

Heat & Speed of the Juicer

Keep a check on the speed that a Cold Press Juicer operates on and the heat it produces. A low-speed juicer ensures no rise in temperature and no loss of vitamins and Nutrients, whereas a low heat juicer reduces the risk of oxidation.

Easy Cleaning and Maintainance

The thing about dealing with appliances is that you have to maintain and clean them from time to time. Choose a Cold Press Juicer you wish to buy that is easy to clean and maintain in the long run. Also, look for a juicer that is easy to disassemble and assemble. If the juicer is easy to open, it is easy to clean it. Make sure you can set up the juicer after cleaning it without relying on its manual.

Ease of Availablity of Extra Parts

It is essential while purchasing any machine that its spare parts are available in the market. The same is the case with a Cold Press Juicer. Choose a juicer brand that has its spare parts available at any store.

Rating and Reviews of the Juicer

Always check for the user reviews and ratings while making any purchase decision. The reviews are available on e-commerce websites or separate blogs and even as youtube review videos. These reviews give you details of the juicer, the pros and cons, and other necessary pointers. Check many reviews and ratings before buying a cold press juicer.

Brand and its After-Sale Service

Keep a thorough check on what brand offers what kind of cold press juicers and what is the after-sales service. A well-known brand will have its service center in metro and small cities. Also, they will offer a Cold Press Juicer of high quality. Choose your desirable brand and purchase a juicer accordingly.

Price and Warranty of the Juicer

Choose a Cold Press Juicer that is easy on your pocket and offers a warranty. A good brand will offer a juicer at reasonable rates and offers you at least one year warranty on its product.

Details and Reviews of Top 10 Cold Press Juicers in India

Kuvings Professional Cold Press Juicer Machine Review

The Kuvings Professional B1700 Cold Press Juicer is a whole slow juicer. This cold press juicer by Kuvings comes with high-grade BPA Free Plastic, Ultem Auger, and a Stainless Steel Strainer.

The Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer has a large Feeding Tube to load the whole fruit in one go. It allows squeezing Fruits, Vegetables, Leafy Greens, and even Nuts like Cashew, Almond, Soy, etc., to prepare delicious Nut Milk.

The Kuvings B1700 is a 240w juicer with a runtime of 30 minutes. Also, this cold press juicer comes with a safety lock mechanism that does not start the juicer unless it is locked properly. It offers a ten-year warranty on Motor & gear and a one-year product warranty.

Kuvings is a German brand, and Kuvings India claims to provide excellent after-sales service.

Offer: Get 31% Off Today!
Kuvings B1700 Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer, Patented JMCS Technology for 10% More Juice, All-in-1 Fruit & Vegetable Juicer (Red Juicer)
8,233 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • KUVINGS COLD PRESS JUICER: Kuvings is loved across the world for its unique technology & award-winning design.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Kuvings Juicer uses 100% Pure Copper Wound Motor, Strong Ultem & Tritan material.

AGARO Imperial Cold Press Juicer Machine Review

The AGARO 33293 Imperial Cold Press Juicer is a 240-Watt with Slow Juicer Technology that gives you dense juice without air bubbles. It has 100% BPA-free plastic with superior quality. The Auger of this AGARO Cold Press Juicer is made up of Ultem plastic, which is the same material used in Spacecrafts.

The AGARO 33293 Imperial Cold Press Juicer has a large feeding tube that can accommodate a whole Orange or Apple. The large size of Auger with its 60 RPM operations and large knobs help squeeze the maximum amount of juice.

You can use this Cold Press Juicer from AGARO to extract juices, make smoothies or sorbet. The machine’s induction motor provides extreme Torque to help squeeze even frozen fruits. It also comes with 2 Strainers for Juices, Smoothies, and Frozen fruit gelatos.

Cleaning this cold press juicer machine after use is very easy. It comes with 5 years warranty on the Motor and 1 year on Electrical parts. The AGARO 33293 Imperial Cold Press Juicer offers a great configuration at a very affordable price.

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AGARO Imperial 240-Watt Slow Juicer with Cold Press Technology
1,810 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Cold press process for maximum juice extraction and nutrients retention;Easy to assemble, operate, and clean
  • Large 74mm Feeding Tube I Can process whole fruits like orange & apple;Screw Shaped Pulverizing auger to squeeze last drop of juice
  • 100% BPA free Plastic;Dense juice with practically no air bubbles
  • Can be used to extract juices, prepare smoothies and sorbet;1 year warranty on Electrical parts and 5 years on motor; Blade Material Type: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Material Type: Stainless Steel

Kuvings EVO-Series Professional Cold Press Juicer Machine Review

The Kuvings EVO-Series Professional Cold Press Juicer EVO700 is one of the Kuvings luxury range Juicers. The Juicing Bowl is Rubber-free and Silicon-free, which is easy to clean. It features an advanced Auger that makes juice extraction easier, faster, and quickly discharges the pulp.

The Kuvings EVO700 Cold Press Juicer can squeeze Fruits, Vegetables, Leafy Greens, and Nuts. It is a versatile 3 in 1 appliance to make Juices, Smoothies, and Sorbet/Ice-creams.

It features a brushless AC motor with a power of 240 Watts and works with 50 RPM. The large Feeding Tube to load the whole fruit in one go. With high-grade material used in body, spare parts, and Motor, it provides 10 Years Warranty on Gear & Motor, 1 Year Warranty on Product.

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Kuvings EVO Series Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer with Patented Rubber & Silicon-Free Technology, 12 Year Warranty, All-in-1 Fruit & Vegetable Juicer, Home Service Across India (EVO700 Red)
686 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • KUVINGS LATEST LAUNCH: EVO700 is Kuvings Luxury Range of Cold Press Juicers with unique "Patented Juicing Bowl". Kuvings EVO Series is Rated as "Essentially the Rolls Royce of Juicer" by "THE INDEPENDENT - UK".
  • DEDICATED INDIA OFFICE: With our 18 offices across India, we provide door-step service to all our users. Simply reach out on our toll-free number 1800 102 2239 and we take care of all your needs.
  • PATENTED SILICONE-FREE TECHNOLOGY: Only Juicer in the World with Rubber-free and Silicone-free technology. This ensures no maintenance / recurring cost and long juicer life.
  • WARRANTY: Kuvings Juicer comes with longest warranty of 10 years. Get additional warranty of 2 years by registering your product on Kuvings Official India Website.
  • VERSATILE OPTIONS: Kuvings EVO700 Juicer comes with additional accessories like Smoothie Strainer and Sorbet Strainer. Smoothie and Ice-cream Maker Attachment are to be bought separately as optional accessories.
  • PATENTED QUICK CLEANING TOOL: Kuvings Green Cleaning Tool helps in cleaning the Juicer in less than a minute.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Kuvings Juicer uses 100% Pure Copper Wound Motor, Strong Ultem & Tritan material, 100 % BPA Free Highest Food Grade Plastic) for your good health & life-long usage.

Hurom HP Series Cold Press Juicer Machine Review

The Hurom HP Series Cold Press Juicer, with its 43 RPM speed, is among the best Slow Juicer available. The slow 43 RPM speed allows squeezing juices with maximum yields from a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The cold press juicer machine comes with a Fine juice strainer and a Coarse smoothie strainer. Both of these strainers are made with superior quality Ultem plastic and stainless steel for durability. The Auger of Hurom HP Series Cold Press Juicer is made with Ultem plastic, hopper, strainers are made of Tritan and Stainless Steel.

Hurom HP Series’s 150 Watts AC motor is Energy Efficient and generates significantly less heat that keeps the nutrients intact. The machine comes with a 10 years warranty on the Motor and 1 year on all parts.

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Hurom HP Series Cold Press Slow Juicer with Juice&Smoothie Strainers, 43 Rotation Per Minute, 150 Watts Energy Efficient AC Motor, Patented SST, 2 Strainers (Sandy Gold)
434 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • WORLD CLASS TECHNOLOGY – ‘BEST-IN-CLASS’ 43 RPM – Lower RPM means better juice. Hurom ensures that you get only the best glass of juice while using a cold press juicer. Hurom’s technology runs at 43 RPM retaining all nutrients, enzymes & yields in juices. Not only in India but Hurom juicers are best-selling cold press juicers across the globe.
  • [5+5 YEARS] WARRANTY ON MOTOR, DOORSTEP SERVICE – Hurom ensure doorstep service in all major cities in India and HP series is protected by 5 Years under warranty on Motor & 1 Year on entire parts of the appliance. Availing warranty is also a hassle free task. Just visit the official website of Hurom India and look for ‘register a complaint’ under support section for additional 5 years warranty on motor. We will reach you at earliest possible. Customer Support Phone – 18008337521.
  • BEING THE BEST MODEL TO JUICE EVERYTHING EVEN HARD FRUITS AND COCONUT MILK - Hurom HP Series is the finest cold press juicer available in India which is capable enough to juice everything from Leafy Green to Hard Fruits & Veggies, Nuts to Coconut milk with ease. Hurom juicers are in a few appliances in the world and only one in India which extracts raw coconut milk at home.
  • JUICING STRAINER, SMOOTHIE STRAINER - WHAT ELSE NEEDED? – Since cold press juicing becomes a new norm to consume raw fruits & veggies for highest nutrients, we keep offering best possible solutions for a tastiest glass of juice at home. With our HP Series you get Juicing and Smoothie strainer within the set at NO .
  • QUALITY BUILD MATERIAL, SUPERIOR SAFETY ALL THE TIME – The greatest promise of Hurom is to only use material to build its juicers. This is one of the reason of higher cost of our appliances than our competitors. Each juicer fulfill all international safety measures and equipped with latest innovative technology. The Auger [juicing screw] is made of ULTEM plastic, strainers are made of ULTEM and 304/310 Stainless Steel and its 100% BPA free.

Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer Machine Review

The Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer is made of 100 percent BPA-free plastic and high-quality material. The Auger consists of Ultem plastic, which is a high-strength material. The Strainers are built with sturdy materials like Stainless Steel 304 and Ultem PEI Plastic.

This cold press juicer from Hestia helps you extract dense juice with practically no air bubbles. The slow 46 RPM cold press technique produces almost no oxidation, so the juice stays fresh for a longer period.

It features 3 strainers, a fine Juice Strainer, a coarse Smoothie, and a Frozen fruit Strainer. Cleaning this cold press juicer from Hestia is easy as it comes with Self Cleaning feature. Hestia promises three years warranty on parts and ten years warranty on the Motor.

Offer: Get 30% Off Today!
Key Features of this Product:
  • Year 2021: Completely new design with biggest juice bowl, new strainers, widest feeding tube, new motor with even more torque!
  • Highest Warranty for any Cold Press Juicer worldwide, 1 year on Plastic parts against manufacturing defects, 3 years on Electronics (extendable up to 2 years) and 10 years on Pure Copper AC Motor.
  • 3 strainers included: Juice Strainer (fine) Smoothie (coarse) & Frozen fruit Strainer
  • Anti-oxidize your body with maximum nutrients, vitamins, trace minerals, phyto-chemicals Dense juice with practically no air bubbles. Almost no oxidation, Stays fresh longer. More Juice than centrifugal juicers and driest pulp compared to any cold press juicer
  • All plastic parts are 100 percent BPA free and made with the superior quality of materials: Auger is made up of Ultem plastic (Spacecraft material), Juicer bowl is made up of BPA-free Tritan plastic (-15°C to +85°C) , Strainers are made up of Stainless Steel 304 and Ultem PEI Plastic
  • Takes only 2 minutes to clean the juicer, pour 500 ml water (along with few drops of liquid detergent gel) and run the unit, most pulp on the strainer will be ejected. Dis-assemble parts and clean.
  • Large Feeding Tube (81 mm, Drop a full Apple in the feeding tube). Best Auger with patented large knobs to squeeze the last drop of juice. The Auger stands tall at 16.34 cms and is the tallest & heaviest one in the industry
  • Bigger Auger and 46 RPM allows for maximum juice to be squeezed
  • 240 W AC Induction motor with extreme torque to squeeze frozen fruits & extract coconut milk.100% pure Copper wired motor weighing 4.4 Kgs. Total weight of the machine is 8.6 Kgs. Assured decade long usage
  • Warranty : Residential Use: 1 year on Plastic against manufacturing defects, 3 years on electronic parts and 10 years on motor. Commercial Use: 1 year on the product and 1 year on motor. Please note warranty excludes normal wear & tear, abuse and misuse.
  • Includes: Juicer, Hopper, Pusher, Juicing screw, Juicing bowl, Juice strainer, Smoothie strainer, Frozen fruit strainer, Cleaning brush, Rotation wiper and 2 cups
  • For 2 years free additional warranty, kindly connect with Hestia customer support team

Balzano Cold Press Juicer Machine Review

The Balzano ZZJ827ML Cold Press Juicer machine is a 200-Watt Slow Juicer. This Balzano juicer is an affordable cold press juicer that offers max vitamins and minerals. It has less foaming, suitable for all kinds of fruit and green leafy vegetables, and comes with a safety lock.

Balzano offers one year warranty on the product and five years warranty on the Motor, which is less than other products mentioned above.

Balzano ZZJ827ML 200-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer (Red)
34 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • All new Balzano’s Big mouth slow juicer preserves more nutrients and gives natural taste to your juice and removes the Pulp very easily.
  • Its Elegant and Precise Structure gives your kitchen a smarter look with its Made line features
  • Juicemax technology - greater juice yield with dryer pulp, the juicemax mechanism spins at 60 rpm extracting up to 95 percent juice from your foods giving more nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Safer operation and BPA free - the safety sensor button assures that if all the parts are not correctly installed and attached, the juicer will not operate, this will make sure it is safe to use.
  • Large feed mouth: enables to load whole ingredient, loading a whole fruit makes juicing easy and quick with nothing to cut, comes with a safety lock, so the juicer will only start if installed properly

IKICH Cold Press Juicer Machine Review

The IKICH CP199 Cold Press Juicer Machine comes with 2 Masticating Speed settings to efficiently extract juices from various fruits, vegetables, and nuts. You can use the slow speed for softer items like oranges, watermelons, leafy greens, etc. The higher speed is suitable for harder things like apples, carrots, celery, et al.

It has parts that are easily detachable and can be safely washed by a dishwasher. The reverse function of this IKICH Cold Press Juicer Machine allows you to conveniently clear the clog, if any. It also has a 500ml portable juice-and-carry bottle to extract the juice and quickly take it along.

Bosch Lifestyle Cold Press Juicer Machine Review

The Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M slow Cold Press Juicer Machine comes with BPA-free plastic build material, three filters, and a self-cleaning mechanism.

This Bosch Cold Press Juicer has 150-watt Motor that produces low noise, a safety lock feature, and a double-edged brush for proper cleaning. Additionally, the product comes with just a two-year warranty.

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Key Features of this Product:
  • Gentle squeezing technology at low speed of 60 Rotations per minute RPM;Low noise robust 150 watt motor
  • Mix Control to adjust the amount of pulp in your juice or smoothie;3 filters for multiple applications
  • Easy self cleaning;Double edged cleaning brush; Special recipe booklet to inspire ideas for healthy juices;Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 150 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 - 240 volts;Includes: Slow Juicer Body, Recipe Book, Juice Container and Brush
  • Blade Material Type: Stainless Steel; Finish Type: Brushed; Material Type: Plastic

Usha Nutripress Cold Press Juicer Machine Review

The Usha Nutripress 362F Cold Press Juicer machine is a 240-Watt Slow Juicer. It is a versatile juicing machine to extract juices from fruits, hard vegetables, green vegetables, frozen items, nuts and grains.

The cold press juicer from Usha extracts maximum juice yield. It retains nutrition, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals due to the cold-press technique, which produces low temperature for healthy and natural juicing. It offers a 5 years warranty on the Motor and 2 years on the product.

Usha Nutripress (362F) 240-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer (Black and Brush Steel Finish)
127 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Versatility: juice it all - hard vegetables, green vegetables, nuts & grains, fruits, frozen desserts
  • Cold press juicer extracts maximum juice yield from soft fruits and vegetables. Extracts far more juice than normal juicer
  • Retains nutrition, enzymes, vitamins and minerals due to unique cold pressed mechanism with low temperature juicing for healthy and natural juicing
  • Warranty: 5 years on motor and 2 years on product
  • Free home demo available in selected cities post purchase. (Delhi/ncr, bangalore, mumbai, pune, hyderabad, chennai). For other cities product demo video available online
  • Free recipe book with the box

Borosil Health Pro Cold Press Juicer Machine Review

The Borosil Health Pro BSJU20WB13 slow Cold Press Juicer is a 200-watts, 70 RPM juicer. The slow juicer ensures minimizing nutrition loss due to heat exposure and oxidization and helps preserve the freshness of ingredients.

It features an on and reverse function for easy clearance of pulp from the machine. The Borosil cold press juicer also has a spinning brush that thoroughly mixes juices from different fruits and vegetables to enrich the flavor and aroma.

It is an excellent option for an entry-level cold press juicer that is under Rupees 10 thousand.

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Borosil Health Pro 200-Watt Slow Juicer, Black
176 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Material: Metal motor housing plastic gear
  • Dimensions and Capacity: 200W
  • Product Type: Slow Juicer

Concluding Note

We have a fast-paced life which is why we may even forget our morning breakfast and miss out on essential vitamins and nutrients.

To compensate for the missed breakfast, you can always rely on a Cold Press Juicer to match the nutritional value of a healthy morning meal. Keep a habit of including healthy fruits & vegetable juice along with your diet and see the difference!

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